by Antonino Napoleone

ScienceRely aims to absorb in agile, extensive, and accurate way topics concerning current affairs, science, medicine, biotechnology, technological development, and economic impact of new pharmaceutical discoveries and strategies. Our mission is to bring international scientific research to a wider audience, immersing it in a new reality, experienced from inside the laboratory and the ward. We invest our energy and our passion for the development of this relationship to reach and inspire readers from the same field and beyond, to science, new discoveries, and technological progress. An idea and a goal put together and supported by the energy of a young and passionate team that desires to contribute actively in a single way: deliver information with truthfulness, competence, and in-depth study in order to fight disinformation, fake news, and mediocre journalism.
ScienceRely is an open but qualified and verified scientific-technological communication platform. The newborn Sciencerely.it project is pure and genuine science, reliable, and within everyone’s reach.

Where does the name ScienceRely come from?
ScienceRely derives from a play on words that refers to the English word “Sincerely” which means truly, for real, and from the two combined words “Science” and “Rely” which aim to give a clear message: always rely on Science!

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